“We are often one step ahead of other media”

Around 600 articles and 70 videos are published daily on the digital channels of AD Nieuwsmedia. How do you determine which article or video will top the list? What is the right time to publish? Jaap Van Zessen, Chef Digitaal at AD Nieuwsmedia, places the journalists' work on the ideal spot.

“Out of the 600 articles that we publish on AD every day, only 20 actively attract readers to the website. We want to increase this number. My team chooses the articles for the website, the app, the newsletters and the social media. We keep an eye on what’s going on in the Netherlands, on social media, and look for the stories that do well. We also check the regional stories and eventually publish them nationally,” says Jaap Van Zessen.

Because he and his team keep their finger on the pulse, AD can be one step ahead of other media. “The great thing is that you leave a mark on the news in the Netherlands and sometimes beyond. Other media often follow us. If that happens, a second story is often ready to be published. This is how we continue to lead in the news. ”

“A newspaper has only one deadline. Online, you must always have something to offer.”
Jaap Van Zessen, Chef Digitaal AD Nieuwsmedia

Choosing the right moment

By strongly translating the newspaper on to the online platform, AD Nieuwsmedia increases the news reach of stories. “A newspaper has only one deadline. Online, you must always have something to offer, ”says Jaap Van Zessen. “The peak shifts from morning to evening. We are most often read online in the evening. Bringing the right story at the right time is essential. ”

Data helps with that. “You learn an incredible amount of data. What works, what doesn’t? This way we make success stories even better. Thanks to A/B tests, we choose the best title and photo, which sometimes doubles the number of leads. ”

The future of media

“Social media are drastically changing journalism. They help to find stories and provide insight into news items that are read and viewed well. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, everyone is a broadcaster today. It never stops to fascinate me,” says Jaap Van Zessen.

Not only video, but also podcasts are doing better and better. “You can’t read the newspaper in the car. Podcasts create a new moment of contact with the target group.”

According to Jaap Van Zessen, the number of paying readers will increase. “That helps to personalize the website. Our offer is so large that many articles are not read. Personalization ensures that every article reaches the interested reader.”

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