“We are working on a 360° image of our client”

The Customer Intelligence team of De Persgroep Nederland translates a mountain of readers' data into workable insights. So it can limit the outflow of subscribers, acquire new subscriptions and arouse the interest of specific target groups for the websites of De Persgroep.

“We use data to make the marketing department work better, in a more optimal way and with more efficiency. We design KPI dashboards, analyse trends and ensure the correct segmentation of our offline and online communication through forecasting models,” says Margot Rozendaal, Manager Customer Intelligence at De Persgroep Nederland. Her team of 15 collaborators works closely with the marketing, sales and customer service departments and with the editors.


Thanks to its insights, the Customer Intelligence team can quickly estimate the causes of changing consumer behaviour. “If the outflow of our subscribers increases, we immediately know which subscriptions are involved and which trigger is responsible for the outflow,” says Margot Rozendaal.

“We are experimenting to understand which trial subscription leads to a fixed subscription faster.”
Margot Rozendaal, Manager Customer Intelligence De Persgroep Nederland

“We can then analyse exactly which attempts to keep subscribers on board are the most effective. With trial subscriptions, we experiment with different offers to understand which offer leads to a fixed subscription faster.”

Online interests

“When I started 3 years ago, we manually merged all data into an Excel file. Today we use a central database. That way we can immediately make analyses,” says Margot Rozendaal.

“We are also working on a 360° image of our client, across all titles. For this we combine online and subscription data. Things can always be better, but in the meantime we already have a good idea of ​​what people do on our sites. It allows us to respond even better to the interests of our target groups. We mainly look at what captivates people online. That is our focus in the coming years. ”

Respect is the basis

“Within our team we all know how far we can go with data. The possibilities will only increase in the future. That is precisely why we are very critical. We always keep a number of questions in the back of our minds: “Can we approach this in such a way? Does this fall within the permitted use?” But we are not only concerned with the applicable legislation. Everything starts with respect.”

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