The tablet newspaper Editie enriches the Volkskrant readers’ experience

Halfway through 2018, De Volkskrant launched the Editie, a new reading experience on tablet. Digital and enriched with podcasts, photos, videos and infographics. In addition, de Volkskrant gave its website and app a boost. Day and night, readers will find quick news updates in it.

Bert Willemsen, Director Marketing at De Persgroep Nederland, explains why, in addition to the existing range – the printed newspaper, the website and the e-paper – the Volkskrant still wanted to renew.
“We saw a huge growth in digital and hybrid subscriptions (digital readers with a printed weekend newspaper, ed.). With the Editie we want to give them a similar reading experience as with a newspaper: the tablet newspaper is published every day, in the morning, and it has a beginning and an end. After reading it, you are basically up to date with all the major topics. But the Editie elevates the reading experience to a new height with the addition of extra podcasts, dynamic infographics, photo series and videos.”

An 8 on the report card

The Editie was quickly successful. Less than a year after its launch, one out of three digital subscribers is reading the tablet newspaper. “The appreciation is great,” says Bert Willemsen. “We scored an 8 on our report card and our Net Promoter Score – a method to measure customer loyalty – is +34.”

“Less than a year after its launch, one out of three digital subscribers is reading the tablet newspaper Editie.”

Bert Willemsen, Marketing Director De Persgroep Nederland

The Volkskrant also renewed its website and app, internally called the ‘GO platform’. “This platform brings real-time news around the clock,” says Bert Willemsen. “A number of articles can be read for free so we reach a large audience. Those who want to read more subscribe. The GO platform is mainly used to browse the latest news in a hurry, while the Editie is more for people who have the time to read quietly. The website is mainly read during the day, the app in the morning and the Editie in the morning and in the evening.”

In 2019, the Editie wants to reach even more existing subscribers. Both the Editie and the GO platform will also be rolled out with the quality newspapers Parool, De Morgen and Trouw.

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