Online services speaks a clear language to the consumer

Bertrand Rochez smelled an opportunity when the energy market opened up. In 2007, he launched, a price comparison engine that helps the consumer choose the right provider.

Bertrand Rochez learned all about the energy sector as a consultant during the liberalisation of the market. “The energy sector has always communicated with the customer in a very technical language, some sort of engineer’s lingo. To help the consumer make the right choice, a medium was needed that spoke a clear language.”

In 2007, Rochez founded the independent price comparison engine Ten years later, the site has become the undisputed market leader. “By 2017, we had reached our growth limit as a small enterprise. But at that very moment, the Belgian publishing company De Persgroep made an interesting proposal.”

“The integration into De Persgroep gave us wings.”
Bertrand Rochez, founder of

Since March 2018, is part of De Persgroep. “There was little change in terms of organisation, but when it came to media and publicity things changed a lot. We now have radio and TV spots as well as editorial support. This used to be impossible. The integration into De Persgroep gave us wings. Now, we attract more than 100.000 unique visitors per month, even in 2018, when the online market was slightly less active.”

In the future, Rochez expects more synergy with the brands of De Persgroep. “We want to reach more people by means of reader promotions and extend our services with a personalised experience. Customers will be able to download their invoice, follow their consumption, perform simulations, find up-to-date information… The place to be for the consumers who want to keep an eye on their energy consumption”.

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