De Persgroep

The new headquarters of De Persgroep

In September 2019, 900 De Persgroep staff members will be moving to Antwerp in a new building that will become the group's headquarters.

16,000 m2
The total floor space of the building, from ground floor to top floor. News City , the unified editorial team, occupies the first six floors.

4 roof gardens
With shrubs and trees. Together these eye catchers form a mini city ​​park. Another eye catcher: the panoramic terrace on the tenth floor with a unique view of Antwerp’s city centre.

1,000 employees
The new head office can accommodate 1,000 people at the same time. There is still room for growth.

7,000 m2
The new building’s underground floors are also impressive, with technical rooms, parking space and more, spread over two levels.

12 floors
The ten aboveground and the two underground floors are equipped with smart LED lighting. Motion sensors make sure that lights will not be left on unnecessarily. Underfloor heating and ventilation help to create more space. Smart insulation materials make the building almost energy neutral.

18 months
Contractor BESIX builds the new headquarters in barely eighteen months’ time. That is from the moment the first sod was stuck up to the complete finish of the building. Binst Architects conceived the building and interior architects Nine-d designed the inner space.

High end workplace revitalizes the train station area

“For me, De Persgroep’s new headquarters is the hinge of the Kievietwijk,” says architect Luc Binst. “The construction connects existing buildings with new urban neighbourhood projects.”
The ground floor in the transparent base of the building includes a brasserie that is open to the public and a multipurpose event room. On the mezzanines you can find several offices and studios. The top floor offers an impressive panoramic view of Antwerp.
Organic and pure
“Sustainability is also a major issue,” says Luc Binst. “The building has green roofs, rainwater is recuperated and the inner space is well thought-out. Each square centimeter is used. The location is also well thought-out. With train, tram and bus connections within walking distance, this high end workplace is also a great place to work. “
Interior architect Nathalie Van Reeth designed the furniture and created the visual style for the workspaces in the new building. “I started from the idea that employees should both feel at home and stimulated to give the best of themselves in the office. So we created a dynamic style with organic forms and pure materials.”

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