“Branded content is a big growth market”

Today digital is the most important advertising channel in the world, but the market is not yet completely ripe, says Christel van den Hazel, Director Digital Sales Development.

“Our focus for 2019 is primarily on optimizing the technology for automated digital advertisements. We also want to help our advertisers to achieve a better visibility in today’s vast digital offer to consumers.”
“Bearing that in mind, we see a very large growth market in branded content  – consumer-tailored digital stories and videos. The challenge is mainly to convince advertisers of the positive impact of digital stories on their branding. “
“Video is one of the trends of the moment. We work together with a number of big partners, such as 24Kitchen and ZiggoSport. Those videos are highly viewed, which makes it a particularly interesting advertising channel.”
“Last but not least, we want to help our advertisers make better use of the enormous amount of data that is available online, so they can better focus their advertising on specific target groups.”

“We will miss you, Christel”

To our great sorrow, Christel van den Hazel died on Saturday, March 2. Christel was a powerful and radiant personality. She helped shape De Persgroep as it is today and led the most important development of all: the transition into the digital age.
Christel did this work with a drive and perseverance rarely encountered. She was always looking for new ideas. In addition, she always remained kind and empathetic. She was a great woman to go to battle with. She has given us a lot. We will miss her tremendously.
Erik Roddenhof,
CEO the Netherlands and BENE

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